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changes in the housing environmentWith the increasing Australian population, and the need for more houses to be built, over the past few decades we have seen major radical changes take place that have altered we customary way of living.

Where once an Australian used to enjoy a sizable house on a sizeable property, with the sprawl of new and modern suburbs comes small blocks of land and smaller houses.

As the impact of the financial instability is felt, this will cause many families to reassess the way they live. The wealthy baby boomer era has gone with many families robbed of their inheritance by ponzi and superannuation schemes and greed in general. Families will be forced to become more united, helping each other out in much the same way as families comes together in times of great crises. More thought will be given to capitalizing on modifying and restructuring existing properties where the elderly and the young can live on the same compound.  Granny flats will be assembled as a good measure of saving money and keeping the family together.


The elderly are being disadvantaged. Their options to downsize are few.  What was once considered a good downsizing option in the form of retirement villages and aged care centres have turned into expensive and money grabbing initiatives that do little to provide a suitable elderly living environment. 

Retirement Villages were considered an ideal living place for singles and couples wishing to downsize. Village style living offers companionship and a secure gated community environment, but these positive traits are soon out weighed by the negative.

The costs associated with living within a village are expensive, not only are you required to put down a huge deposit as if you are buying the village home, you are also required to pay rent. This may seem like a fair deal in the beginning, but as those rent charges continue to increase it changes the playing field. Living within a village environment brings all kinds of rules one could not imagine as a means to keep everyone safe. Again, in the beginning it sounds great, but after a while you begin to realize some liberties have in fact been taken away. One of the greatest disappointments with village style living comes at the end when the house needs to be on sold. The family quickly realizes there has been an excessive capital erosion simple for the pleasure of village lifestyle living.

Downsizing to an apartment or a unit is another option if hefty corporate body expenses are taken into consideration and are affordable.

Nursing homes or aged care centres are another option, each with their own set of lifestyle complications and expenses. Some of these facilities are currently Government funded, however there are continuing rumours that Government subsided housing will also become a thing of the past, especially where Means Asset Testing can prove that families are able to accommodate family members. 


A kit home or granny flat offers a good housing solution.

If there is room, a granny flat can be built alongside the family house. This not only keeps the family together, but it eliminates the need to spend money acquiring accommodation that another person or organization owns, like the retirement village.  It provides many benefits for all the family and is a much cheaper accommodation option for the elderly.

A 2 bedroom kit home can be assembled within days and fitted out within weeks for 1/3rd of the cost to building a conventional home. Downsizing to a kit home that is fresh, clean and maintenance free and with no rules attached is a dignified solution to a heartbreaking stage in the ageing process.

Young Couples - Two and three bedroom kit homes are great economical solutions for young couples to get ahead. One of the major problems that young couples face today is that wages have not kept up with inflation which disadvantages many from owning their own home, one of Australians strongest trends. Add the wages plight to the fact that lending institutions have tightened their belts by making borrowing much harder than it was only 12 months ago (2009), and the chances of young couples owning their own homes, without the help from parents, is going to become more of the norm.


A major shift in the housing sector has seen a decline in the up-market architecturally designed custom home which has had a significant impact on the architectural industry. Evolution has seen an increase in demand for new homes where many builders took up the challenge and produced display homes creating an easier way for the public to see what they were buying.

However, with the increasing number of new residents moving into Queensland, the speculative home has only served to meet one sector of the housing industry. Speculative homes are expensive, no matter which way you view them. Before the house is completed it must pass through several hands all of whom need to be paid whether it’s the purchase of the land, the Council rates, the plumber, electrician, painter, and builder – all the contractors. The cost of materials and services has increased which means that the 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom home is expensive for what you get.

A kit home on the other hand, is assembled in the factory and delivered to the site and just in that process alone there are many trades persons not included, so it’s a huge saving.


As the world stumbles through economic instability, many trends that we have all become accustomed to will change. None more so than the financial sector which of course impacts most areas of our life including our housing lifestyles.

When we look to see what is happening in the USA and Europe with increasing home foreclosures, business liquation, banks closing their doors, and the decreasing value of the dollar; these calamities will begin to impact Australia in the coming years.

And despite our Government voicing their reassurance that they will make everything OK whilst continuing to create inflation and the side affects associated with high inflation such as the high cost of food, clothing, oil etc; the time is approaching where we need to have some forward thinking plans that do not include being dependent on the Government to lend a helping hand.  Most of us can already see tell tales signs and are aware that Government funding for pensions and  accommodation for the elderly is set to decrease with many changes to occur, it’s only a matter of time.

Although it seems as though Australia is sheltered from what is happening in the USA and Europe due in part to our natural mining resources which are still in demand, changes in the near future are eminent. We will see many people out of work, businesses close their doors unable to pay wages and keep up with inflation, and house foreclosures as interest rates sky rocket.


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